Temperature-controlled goods

When the goods you want to transport fall into the category of goods considered perishable, our team offers you frigo transport services at a controlled temperature from -25° Celsius to + 30° Celsius, all vehicles being equipped with both cooling/heating and with thermo diagram printers, which indicate the temperature throughout the transport. We transport both fresh, semi-frozen, frozen, refrigerated food products, as well as medical products.

General goods

This is the most common service we offer to our customers for the transport of general goods that do not require special conditions. For this type of goods we offer to our customers convertible tarpaulin trailers with variable height. This type of semi-trailer offers easy loading both sideways and back side or vertically, height-adjustable roof, full use of the transport capacity, short loading and unloading times, security features such as aluminum bars separators, reinforced tarpaulin, anchor straps, etc.

High Value Cargo

VIO TRANSGRUP carries out the transport of HVC (High Value Cargo) in special security conditions in accordance with the TAPA TSR level 1 standard, the company being certified according to this standard.

Dangerous Goods

The transport of dangerous goods requires special attention both to the packaging of the goods and to the conditions of transport, as well as to the preparation of the relevant documents so that the transport can take place in the best possible conditions. We offer you transport services for ADR classes 2,3,4,5,6,8 and 9 both in full regime and groupage – in conditions of maximum safety and in compliance with the legal regulations in the field. We offer vehicles with different equipment: removable tarpaulins, mega tarpaulins or box vans with controlled temperature from -25° Celsius to +30° Celsius, all properly equipped for the execution of such transports, equipped in accordance with the provisions of the European Agreement ADR and driven by specialized drivers.


We offer transport services throughout Europe in Pharma regime for all companies that have specific norms as transport quality standard. For this type of service, VIO TRANSGRUP offers its own fleet of over 80 box vans with controlled temperature from -25° Celsius to +30° Celsius, all properly equipped for the execution of such transports.

Groupage (LTL)

By transport in groupage regime or LTL (Less than Truck Load) we offer our customers the opportunity to transport smaller quantities of goods, both general goods and temperature-controlled goods or ADR. Quantities of goods can thus be transported below the total capacity of a trailer such as pallets, boxes, bales, packages, etc.

We offer this type of service on the route:

 Romania – Greece – Romania, 

 Romania – Northern Europe and UK – Romania, 

 Romania – Italy – Romania, 

having the possibility to take over the goods in the shortest time and at excellent prices.

Safe and secure

You can benefit from our experience in providing safe transport services at European level.

Fast delivery

We will make sure that your goods reach their destination quickly and in the best conditions.


The VIO TRANSGRUP team is ready to offer the perfect solution.

your trusted partner

We are responsible for land transport within Europe, both inside and outside the EU. We transport your goods both in FTL (Full Truck Load) and LTL (Less than Truck Load) regime.
All the transports made by us are ensured and carefully monitored by specialized team, by using dedicated Track&Trace solutions.