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Legal Counselor

Cristina Ristea, 41

An experienced lawyer in the field of transport, she is the person who coordinates the financial-administrative department and approves the commercial partnerships and pursues the recovery of receivables, being also one of the main opinion formers regarding the company’s development policies.

Quality Manager and Internal Audit

Cătălina Andrei, 43

The experience in the organizational administrative field and of the quality standards makes Catalina one of the managers with the greatest experience in the implementation of procedures and strategies, being at the same time the main inductor of personnel and trainer on the various activity fields of the company. Collaborates closely with senior management in decision-making, outlining personnel policies and in rigorous organization of departments.

Economic manager

Nicoleta Gruianu, 46

An economist with extensive experience, she is the main factor of coordination and financial-accounting reporting, being also the main supervisor of the company’s economic policy through permanent reporting and evaluation of resources and by laying out and permanently adjusting the P&L table.

HR Manager

Ionel Albu, 43

Caring for human resources, the company’s main resource, makes the HR manager one of the most important people in the company. Staff encouragement policies and outstanding skills in conflict management are his main assets.

IT & Security Coordinator

Codruț Munteanu, 37

Economist, with vast experience in the field of security transport and with an analytical thinking, he is the craftsman of the reporting systems indispensable in the managerial decisions.

Operational Department Managers

Operational department managers

Controlled Temperature Division Manager
Alina Maria – 36

Southern Division Manager
Petruța Marmandiu – 37

Western division manager
Ioana Neagu – 32

Miscellaneous Northern Division Manager
Ștefan Pană – 45

The engine and heart of the company is constituted by the logistics-operational department, which makes customer satisfaction paramount and finding relevant solutions on-time to be the operational policy in VIO TRANSGRUP.

Pursuing the company’s development objectives and intertwining them with our clients’ priorities makes the operational department the main factor of progress and also the department with the most delicate activity, as delicate as the mission of an artist who came to delight the spirits and treat realities by putting them on stage on a daily basis.

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